Afro-italian influencer to keep en eye on

Nowadays, there are a lot of influencers all over the world. According to lifestyle, identity, and beliefs, people can choose who to follow and to admire, and to take advice from, eventually. Today we are going to talk about a girl from a new category of influencers, the afro-italians. She is Esperance Bile. 22 years old from Treviso, with Ivorian roots. She studied foreign languages in high school, then she entered a Fashion Academy and she will graduate in Fashion Product Management in 2024.

Her modeling career started a few years ago. In the beginning, she was doing photoshoots with amateur photographers. Then in 2021 and 2023, she participated at the Venice Fashion Week, firstly as a model and the second time as a guest. Recently she took part in photoshoots organized and managed by Alberto Torres Magro, an Italian male model and showman who is starting his own management company.

In June 2023, she wore clothes from a small Italian handmade brand called Dafne Creazioni on a photoshoot with Alessandro Negrini and Alessio Mapelli in the magnificent seaside town of Jesolo.

In the pictures, we can see her with another model and dancer Samira Ferreira, who is a student in Fashion Product Management too.

Esperance is currently doing an internship in Brussels at the fashion agency and showroom boutique JAANTE. In the future, we will see her in both roles, model and social media manager or fashion consultant.

Alberto Torres Magro (model), Samira Ferreira (model), Alessandro Negrini (photographer), Alessio Mapelli (photographer), Roberta Cervi (designer).

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