Fashion Industry and Influencers Marketing

Fashion has become an integral part of our lifestyle, and it is also a way to express ourselves. Therefore, many people are curious to learn about the latest fashion trends and how to be trendy and stylish. Fashion and luxury brands rely on this wish. What influencers do is provide an answer to this desire. They know what the audience wants. By generating the need for the product, and engaging followers with their pictures and stories, influencers create curiosity to buy the items. It is well known that buyers trust personal recommendations before any purchase. This is what influencers “play on”. They allow people to see the product and feel connected to it.

What attracts customers to fashion influencers? The connection and openness that they have with their followers being consistently active on social media; is how they create a loyal fanbase. In addition, they are easily relatable compared to big celebrities. 
‍Since influencers closely connect to the target audience, they have the opportunity to build a brand’s credibility with their storytelling and reviews. Their posts are like advertisements that create interest and desire to buy a product. They can easily demonstrate the quality of the items to their fan base.  Some labels benefit from that because they don’t have to spend too much money on marketing and advertising.  If a brand establishes a long-term relationship with influencers, it can build trustworthy relations with its customers too.
Also, brands can know how consumers feel about their goods by analysing the reactions to the stories posted by influencers. These analyses give insights into customer behaviour and allow to change or continue with the current strategy.

A perfect influencer has the ability of conveying and communicating with his/her followers base. Only those who are successful in doing that help brands in:

Build Credibility

Talking about the product and make it look and sound remarkable. They have to highlight the uniqueness of the item generating genuine brand credibility.   

Reach Targeted Communities

When an influencer’s follower base overlaps with a brand’s market segment, it  becomes easy for a brand to reach the targeted fashion communities who like to talk about the latest trend

For a brand, before jumping into influencer marketing it is important to spot the right influencers. The ones that are closer to their potential customers. This research can be done in fashion influencer marketing agencies or using an influencer marketing platform.  
‍At the beginning, it would be better to start with micro-influencers. They might not have a large number of followers but a loyal audience base is better to find potential customers who like to follow fashion. 
‍Social media has accentuated storytelling. Since fashion attracts many of us with visuals, it is a good idea to look for content creators who have credibility and expertise.

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