Belgian Sustainable Fashion Instagrams to Follow

Sure, here are 10 Belgian sustainable fashion agency Instagram accounts that you might want to follow:

  1. Close the Loop ( – an agency that focuses on circular fashion and helps brands transition to more sustainable practices.
  2. Fashion Revolution Belgium (@fashionrevolutionbe) – part of a global movement that aims to raise awareness about the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry.
  3. The Renewal Workshop Europe ( – an organization that helps brands renew and resell their unsold or returned items to reduce waste.
  4. A Sustainable Story (@asustainablestory) – a consultancy agency that works with fashion brands to implement sustainable practices.
  5. Jaante Showroom ( @jaante_showroom) – a fashion agency & showroom that has pioneered sustainability within fashion distribution since 2015.
  6. The Good Goods ( – an online platform that showcases ethical and sustainable fashion brands.
  7. Labellov (@labellov) – a luxury fashion consignment store that promotes circular fashion by reselling pre-owned designer items.
  8. Preloved by AB (@prelovedbyab) – a vintage store that promotes sustainable fashion through the resale of high-quality pre-owned items.
  9. NØNSENSE ( – a sustainable fashion concept store that offers a selection of eco-friendly and ethical fashion brands.
  10. Rewind (@rewind_store) – a sustainable fashion store that offers a curated selection of second-hand and upcycled clothing items.
  11. Think Twice (@thinktwice_secondhand) – a second-hand store chain that promotes circular fashion and reduces textile waste.

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