Fashion Made-to-Measure

Fast fashion brands often prioritize sales over sustainability by producing an excessive amount of clothing. Unfortunately, this can lead to exploitation of labor and the use of low-quality materials, which harms both people and the environment.

Some brands have taken on this mission by adopting a made-to-order model, which not only promotes sustainability but also adds exclusivity to their label. Rather than producing in bulk, made-to-order clothing is only created once a customer places an order and for sure, there will be a long period to wait to have the item. Waiting so long to have it will make you appreciate more the time, the effort, and the craftmanship that goes into the product.


These are the keywords of the luxury fashion brands that are completely into the made-to-order model and the personalization of the items to make them more exclusive, from clothes to accessories.


If you’re a fashion enthusiast looking for the ultimate dream, Hermès’ bespoke bag service invites you to design a personalized accessory while collaborating with one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses. After sharing your ideas, the order will be forwarded to Hermès headquarters for approval, and then you’ll need to wait until it’s ready.

The time it takes to make a personalized Hermès handbag can range from 6 to 18 months. You will receive a call from the boutique when your bag is ready for pickup. You’ll notice a small horseshoe symbol beside the HERMÈS lettering on the front of each bag, which represents that you are a part of the Hermès collector community. Custom handbag orders are exclusively available to Hermès’ top-tier clients. Although there is no fixed financial commitment required, it’s clear that personalized handbags are only offered to the most valued customers.

Access to special-order handbags is reserved for Hermès‘ top-tier clients. Although there is no fixed financial commitment required, it is evident that boutiques only offer personalized handbags to customers who are loyal to the brand, much like how Birkin or Kelly bags are not available to just anyone who walks in. Each Sales Associate is only able to distribute a small number of bags each year.

Thereare also some limited-edition handbags, which are produced in multiples, but they can also be crafted to your personal colour, leather, and hardware preferences. It’s the ultimate Haute Couture for handbags.


Tiny Ink If you wish to order a Made-to-Measure article from Ink Aesthetic, you will need to get in touch with a Tiny Ink advisor. They will assist you in getting your measurements and provide answers to any questions you may have about the service. This will ensure that you receive a perfectly tailored bespoke dress. You can also customize your design with personalized ideas, hand-painted details, or make modifications to the original design.

completeTo order a Made-to-Measure article, you need to contact a Tiny Ink advisor. They will guide you on how to get your measurements and answer any questions you may have about the service, to ensure that you have the perfect bespoke dress.You can customize your design with personalized ideas, hand-painted details, or simply modify the original design. You also have control over the colors and patterns.

Every day at the studio, skilled craftsmen, tailors, and artists put their hearts, creativity, and emotions into their creations. Tiny Ink is Fashion X Art: traditional painting techniques and contemporary style, elegance, and sophistication.​

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