MIU SUTIN: Our apparel line consistently improves

Mìu Sutìn means “to sell the truth,” so they prioritize ethical practices, respect for people and the environment, and eco-friendliness. The founder, Noelia Montero, previously worked for a fast fashion multinational and became disillusioned with the poor quality of materials, harsh working conditions, and lack of concern for the environment and future. After the company closed, she decided to pursue her passion for sustainable fashion, studying design and exploring new industrial processes, such as utilizing organic fabrics and circularity.

In today’s world, achieving 100% sustainability may be impossible, but it is crucial that we strive towards it and continue to improve every day. Responsibility lies with both producers and customers. To aid in responsible consumption and sustainability, Mìu Sutìn offers a free guide on their website with helpful tips.

They prioritize offering high-quality, durable clothing over following fleeting trends. All their clothing is biodegradable and made from 80% sustainable, recycled, ecological, natural, and organic materials, including a handmade fair trade silk produced by local farmers. They use bio-synthetic fabrics, recycled paper for tags and bags, and recycled cardboard for hangers. Instead of plastic wrapping, garments are packed with tissue paper to reduce waste. Mìu Sutìn is committed to finding the most efficient and environmentally-friendly shipping methods for each shipment.

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