PAPERBOAT: swimwear for kids, by kids

Paperboat is a Portuguese kid’s swimwear brand, born in 2019. The concept was born from the minds of two mothers, Inês and Catarina, whose daughters were constantly requesting new swimsuits. Their solution was to create the suits themselves, which not only delighted their daughters but also sparked the creation of a new fashion brand.

The team behind the patterns of Paperboat consists of Portuguese designers. Inês and Catarina’s daughters also have a hand in the process, approving designs and selecting colors to ensure that children will enjoy the pieces.

Sustainability is a top priority for the brand, with each swimsuit arriving in a reusable cotton bag. Recycled polyester, made from plastic bottles gathered from oceans and seas, is the primary material used to create the models. Waste is minimized by utilizing fabric leftovers to make items like scrunchies.

Production occurs entirely in Portugal, and every piece is crafted by hand to avoid contributing to pollution.

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