Quiet Luxury vs Loud Luxury

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a rise in loud luxury style, largely thanks to rappers and influencers who wanted to showcase their success. While the concept is admirable, it has become associated with pure ostentation over time.

Recently, quiet luxury has made a comeback. True wealth and luxury are closely tied to quality, craftsmanship, artistry, timeless elegance, and simplicity.

Despite their differences, both quiet luxury and loud luxury share the same goal: to present themselves in a superior and elevated manner. Loud luxury achieves this through heavily branded clothing, lots of symbols, iconography, and writings, while quiet luxury attains it through a refined aesthetic. Those who are striving for success will always try to emulate those who have already achieved it.

In the realm of luxury branding, both approaches serve distinct purposes. Loud luxury aims to make an immediate statement and capture attention through its bold expressions, showcasing their confidence.

Cardi B

Meanwhile, quiet luxury takes a more subtle approach. It relies on top-notch quality and flawless craftsmanship, as well as a carefully curated aesthetic, to enhance its exclusivity. It communicates a lot without saying a single word, by focusing on every little detail and valuing a refined form of sophistication.

Quiet luxury

Jasmine Tookes

When it comes to choosing a side, there is no definitive right or wrong. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the chosen side accurately reflects the brand’s personality, style, values, aspirations, and desired image while remaining true to your own values. The luxury branding industry presents limitless opportunities to create a unique image. It’s important to remember that people don’t see you through their own eyes, but rather through yours. As a result, your audience will perceive you based on how you see yourself.

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