Both women and the planet require care. To achieve your goal of feeling feminine and confident, look no further than Semi/Romantic collections’ sustainable luxury lingerie. Not only will wearing their bras and panties make you feel like a powerful woman who can do anything, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment as all their products are made with sustainable materials. Don’t compromise on quality or ethics, choose Semi/Romantic collections for your lingerie needs.

Their commitment to sustainability is meticulous. Plastic is not used at all, to ship the clothes they use recycled paper from the factories turned into packaging bags. The whole production chain is plastic free. The precious lace used, has OKEO TEX certification and it is totally eco-friendly. And so is the soft and comfy jersey, made of the Tencel Lenzing fibers, the highest quality ever.

Each piece is carefully hand-made and it embraces any woman, any shape, and any body. You can feel the passion and the attention paid to all the small details, from the design to the seams.

From women to women: the brand was born from the idea of Donna and Alexa, two friends who share the same love for fashion, the same vision and the same values, so they decided to be side by side to achieve the goal. Behind them, there is an all-female team, from the tailors to suppliers.

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