JAANTE J|N is a well-known showroom boutique that has pioneered sustainability within fashion distribution.

A leading fashion agency that gained its reputation based on its commitment to sustainable brands, building long-term relationships with B2B clients (wholesale), from department stores to independent boutiques, multi-brand shops, and e-commerce websites.

JAANTE is a showroom and fashion agency – an innovative retail concept B2B/B2C that acts as a showroom boutique specializing in sustainable brands (Mode Durable) and Slow Fashion designers new to the Swiss and Belgian markets.

A sustainable fashion showroom dedicated to promoting and showcasing slow fashion designers and sustainable brands (#modedurable) connects them to buyers and retailers, constantly searching for emerging talent with a unique style and vision.

JAANTE’s goal is to provide an unforgettable shopping experience. JAANTE can promise that its slow fashion designers, high-end sustainable brands, and their products are selected rigorously and quality checked and that you will love your new purchases!

It is located in Switzerland and Belgium, in the heart of Europe, and is great for fashion brands, stylists, and editorial pull! An attractive market for sustainable fashion brands.

In constant search of emerging talent with a unique style and vision, whether it’s a sustainable brand or ethically made, or craftsmanship, or a top emerging designer. JAANTE loves non-massive brands, anything creative, handmade, innovative, unique, and quality!

Get in touch – http://www.jaante.com
A perfect mix of sustainable brands under one roof – Request your RDV and visit us at our showroom in Belgium.

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