Sustainable eyewear for all tastes!

As people are more concerned about environmental issues, the fashion industry had to change and adapt itself to more sustainable ways of doing things. As far as the eyewear sector is concerned, it has been difficult to avoid and stop the use of plastic, but thanks to creativity and resourcefulness, the aim was completely achieved!

It’s all about selecting eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic, cork, acetate, bamboo, or bio-based materials. Using innovative materials will extend the lifespan of the glasses, thus people won’t get rid of them in a short period of time.

You need to know sustainable eyewear brands: Eco Eyewear, Rolf Spectacles, Ballo, Re:Sin, Junk, and many more…

If you are a trendy person, Re:Sin glasses are the best choice for you!

The glasses are handcrafted in Japan, where the best technology and the quality control system are surpassing. Zeiss lenses will provide you full protection thanks to the 400 UV filter coatings, anti-reflective and anti-scratch. The frames are made of acetate, a biodegradable plant-based material.

The designs are trendy and stylish, they will elevate all your looks! There is a whole collection in which the glasses are adorned with amber, to pay tribute to the homeland of the brand owners, Poland.

If you prefer a classic and basic style, choose Eco Eyewear or Rolf Spectacles!

Eco Eyewear is an Italian brand with lenses made of bio nylon, a natural and renewable material. For the frames, they opted for acetate. To be completely sustainable, the brand uses recycled paper for the outer packaging and recycled PET for cases and cleaning cloths.

Rolf Spectacles, this Austrian brand produces high-quality eyewear from natural materials like wood, stone, and beans. Innovation, property, sustainability, and concern, are Rolf Spectacles’ milestones.

Are you a creative and original person? Choose the sustainable eyewear proposal of Ballo and Junk!

Ballo is very concerned about environmental and social issues, that’s why it chooses to make its items in South Africa where the level of unemployment is extremely high. The glasses are made of recycled materials: wood offcuts, recycled paper, fabric offcuts, bio-resin, end-of-roll canvas, and cork. There are many fantastic designs to choose from! Different colors, sizes, and frames.

Junk chooses a different way to be sustainable! They didn’t opt for a specific material or a radical solution, they did upcycling. Junk’s team’s aim is to recover plastic waste and give it a new final form, adding precious materials to make it special. Attributing value to the item is a way to make it no more junk. Every day, at least one pair of eyewear is made of 100% plastic waste recovered from oceans and beaches.

Every Junk glasses model is different from the other one. Their particular designs make them unique, original, and out of the ordinary!

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