Sustainable Luxury Knitwear & Craftmanship

Sustainable knitwear clothing is made by ethical manufacturing practices , using eco-friendly materials. In the last few years, thanks to the increasing awareness about the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment, sustainable knitwear is becoming a popular choice among customers.

Why sustainable knitwear is the future of fashion? What are the advantages?

First of all, it is SUSTAINABLE. Traditional knitwear manufacturing processes use synthetic materials and chemicals that are damaging for the environment. In addition, there is a huge consume of energy and it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, sustainable knitwear manufacturing techniques prioritise natural and organic materials like cotton and wool, and employ eco-friendly dyeing and finishing processes. These methods minimise the environmental impact, by reducing waste, conserving resources, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

QUALITY. One of the fundamental pillars of sustainable fashion is prioritising quality and durability. Sustainable knitwear manufacturers use high-quality and natural materials, durable and long-lasting. For example wool, cotton, and alpaca, are well known for their strength, warmth, and durability. That’s why people should invest in high-quality, durable and sustainable knitwear; it reduces the need for frequent replacements and extends the garment’s lifespan. This helps to minimise waste and conserves resources.

FASHION TREND. To choose sustainability is no longer just a practical choice, it has also become a fashion trend. With a growing interest in sustainable fashion, designers and fashion lovers increasingly embrace sustainable knitwear, which can offer different styles, from classic and timeless designs to innovative patterns. Versatility is one of the advantages of sustainable knitwear. Depending on the circumstance, it can suit a casual look or a more formal occasion.

ETHIC and MORALITY. In addition to environmental concerns, sustainable knitwear production also involves ethical considerations. Many sustainable knitwear manufacturers prioritise fair trade practices, ensuring workers are paid fairly, work safely, and have access to healthcare and education. This promotes social and economic development and opportunities in the local communities where knitwear is produced.

The concern for sustainability and environmental issues, and the love for fashion and high quality products, led to the creation of some stunning sustainable luxury knitwear brands like OYUNA, LALO CARDIGANS, FISHERMAN OUT OF IRELAND, LISA YANG, ZANKOV and so on…


LaloCardigans is a Georgian brand of knitwear clothes. The brand was founded by twin sisters Lalo and Nina Dolidze in 2012.
Lalo Dolidze, is aldo the creative director of LaloCardigans. She mostly takes inspiration from the Nature and its most unique and beautiful features. In the collections there are a lot flowers and plants patterns.
To create exclusive and unique textiles for Lalo collections, she uses the intarsia technique, mixing the finest hand-painted natural yarns from Caucasus, in endless combination. Knitted cardigans are certainly their trademark. This signature design made the brand famous not only on the local market, but worldwide. With time, thanks to the hard work “Lalo” became one of the most leading knitwear brands in Georgia.


Fisherman Out of Ireland was founded in 1991. They are the best in the Irish knitwear industry. All the collections are produced by a small team of 38 people, in the knitting factory in Kilcar, County Donegal, a small Irish-speaking village, well known for the textile tradition. The environment and the local fishing communities are their main source of inspiration for the creation of new yarns, colours and styles. The brand provides 100% natural fibre, high quality and modern jumpers.

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