THE WORLD OF INDAH: Jewellery and spiritual protection

With her deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth and nature, Coco Effendi created “The World of Indah”. Through her jewelry, she hopes to share this profound sentiment with others. She collaborates personally with skilled artisans to create designs infused with positive energy, love, and strength.

The jewelry uses traditional Indonesian techniques and hand tools, employing recycled materials. Precious and unique crystals and gems, as well as a coating of 24k gold, are used to add the finishing touches. Each Indah piece reflects a part of Coco’s inner thoughts and soul, and her commitment to slow fashion, organic products, and environmental preservation.

Indah’s jewelry is suitable for everyone. You can also wear these everyday accessories on special occasions like weddings. You can style them with your outfits to feel spiritually strong and protected while looking fashionable and sustainable.

The World of Indah collections feature a variety of jewelry including arm bands, bangles, body chains, earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, and rings.

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